Wednesday, January 24, 2018
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Chevy with ball in mouth

My name is Chevy.  No one, including the vet my new humans took me too can come to a conclusion.  Everyone decided on Lab but mostly my humans are sure that I might be part Mastiff and even perhaps Rhodesian Ridgeback because I look identical to most pictures of the breed.

I was left at West Star Ranch by a human that loved me but he was being sent to another country and I couldn’t go.

Scout protecting the property

Luckily, Dan and his mom, Linda, liked me so much they took me home.  They love me a lot and have taken a lot of steps to introduce me so I fit in with another rescue they have that is a Belgian Malinois – aggressive, dominant female – Scout.

It’s working out.  We have spent a few weeks with her snarling at me but now we’ve touched noses and smelled each other’s butts more than once.  We’re kept on a leash right now for our get-to-know each other meetings but soon we will romp the property together.

Dan loving Chevy
Dan loving Chevy

This is Dan giving me some love.  He gets up early every morning and lets me pull him across the desert for a half hour or so, we’re moving pretty fast.  Then him and his mom like to watch me leap and jump as I chase a tennis ball.  I hope all the animals of the world end up in a home like mine.

The good people at West Star Ranch gave me a home until I could find a permanent one.  You can help them by sharing this story to your Facebook, Twitter, or Google page (buttons below).

This a happy story.  I hope you enjoyed it and you will take home a rescue and give them the care and love they deserve.