Saturday, January 20, 2018
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Abandoned Kits and Mama

Long time no update.  We are committed to caring for the four footed friends left at our doorstep and gate – even those with feathers that have only two feet. While we want to stay abreast of everything that’s going on at the Ranch, it’s difficult to find the time to stop here and send news out to our valued supporters. 

We hope to change that and start bringing you pictures and updates on a more frequent schedule.  

We need help.  There are many wonderful volunteers that spend time at the ranch helping care for the animals and clean and feed them.  We also have some dedicated volunteers that are providing a roof over the area by the thrift store to keep donated goods dry when the weather has decided it’s time to bring rain to the desert.  More on that in the next post.

Here’s a perfect example of how much we need your help in the way of donations.


I bet you’re looking at me in this picture like I’m one-crazy eyed goofball. I’m three-weeks old here.  When I was about two-weeks old, some jerk person had the good sense to leave my three siblings and Mom at the gate of West Star Ranch.  

We have ringworm and mites.  We were starving and Mom was so skinny she almost wasn’t producing any milk for us. The people at West Star took us in.  Took us to the vet to cure the ringworm and the mites at the cost of $100 for each of us.  

DSC05798The jerk person could’ve left us out in the desert for the coyotes so this is a much better alternative from our POV.  Kim, a major supporter of West Star, was feeding each of us some ultra-nutrients that came in a tube…the weird stuff on my chin is supposed to help us and we lick off what doesn’t get into our mouth.  

We have to get a bath in a special solution too…more than once to get rid of the ringworm and the mites. West Star Ranch is watching out for us.  Phew!  The alternative is scary.

We were so hungry we ate dry and canned cat food. Don’t be shy about clicking on the PayPal or Go Fund Me link and helping the ranch help us and more like us.  We have to be spayed and neutered too (OUCH!) and that costs $$$.