Saturday, January 20, 2018
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Rebel has a home!

Congratulations to both Rebel and his new family. Rebel was featured recently in a video with Terry giving a little bit of Rebel’s history and capabilities.

Terry and Rebel
Terry and Rebel

Take a look at the video in this link.

Remember the Kits and Mama that were left sickly and diseased with mites and more in front of the Ranch in a box? That post can be found here.

There are still two of those little white beauties waiting for a home. Both are male and have been neutered.  You can take them home for the small adoption fee of $50 each.  This link will show you how beautiful they were a few weeks ago – imagine how gorgeous they are now as they fill out and grow with the love and care they receive at the Ranch.

If you want to give the gift of life and love to a cat or dog, start your search at a rescue instead of the ‘puppy mills’ that thrive across the US.  Some of the pets purchased from pet stores are not healthy and, sadly, some of the people who take those same pets home, end up abandoning them or sending them to ‘the pound’ or to a rescue.

Head for West Star Ranch to volunteer your time and services, donate to the thrift store, spend a little of your hard-earned cash to help them keep the doors open to animals in need, and don’t forget to spread the word…tell your friends.