Saturday, January 20, 2018
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Rebel is back

Rebel came to stay at the Ranch – he was with us, then found a home, and then was returned to us.  Why? Who knows, sometimes people find out an animal isn’t suited to them or their lifestyle won’t support a pet.  There’s no shame in admitting you can’t take on the responsibility and give the care needed – just remember to take the animal to a no-kill shelter where they can find a home.

We posted the following video of this great companion dog with the driving force behind all the rescues and work that goes on to keep the Ranch moving, Terry Doughtery,  Terry explained a bit about Rebel – available in this post – but we’ve added the video here too.  It was windy, but you’ll get the message.

Come in and take a look around at the animals we tend and care for while they wait for a loving home.  Spend a few minutes with Rebel while you’re here.  He’s still looking for a forever home.

We took a trip to The Pet Food Bank/Renee Carlton and scored B-I-G for needed items at the ranch.  Check out the following pictures!

Terry trailer 1 Terry trailer Warehouse 1 Warehouse 2 warehouse only use

This load of goods was a blessing for the Ranch.

Come and see us!  Visit the Thrift Store. Help with repairs or the daily maintenance of the animals, or just give us a smile and a “Hello!” to let us know we are all on the same team…the business of saving all animals we can that are lost, deserted, sick, or homeless.