Wednesday, January 24, 2018
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Shop through our link

Hello, and yes, this is a shameless pimp to help bring revenue to West Star Ranch! For those of you who give your time, energy, goods, and cash to help with our animal rescue, we can’t thank you enough.  But there is a way to help even more without affecting your bottom line, gas mileage, or the integrity of your online purchases — simply head over to through our banner in the upper right-hand corner or visit our page and do your online shopping at  Please tell your friends and family about helping West Star Ranch’s link at and each time you’re heading for the world’s largest online shopping center *drum roll*…… please go through our link. A little help means a lot.  We appreciate any effort you make on our behalf.

West Star Ranch receives a credit for each order placed and as the orders go up, so does the credit.

We also have a West Star Ranch wish list at  These are two completely separate ways to help us care for the animals we shelter and the upkeep of the ranch. Our wish list will be growing and can be found here.

P-S-S-S-S-T! We have gorgeous peacocks that need homes and peacock chicks too!

Baby Peacocks
Peacock Chick
Male peacock
Male Peacock

There is a homing fee for peacocks, please call us or come in and take a look.  They may not be the ideal pet for you but then again…

Also of note, you can sign up for our Newsletter. Your contact information is private and will never be used for any purpose other than mailing the Newsletter.

Our thought for the day: Enjoy the day, enjoy life, share the best of yourself with everyone around you, especially those you love!

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