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Need a friend that will never let you down?

If you want to have a live-in buddy, a friend that never turns their back on you — even when you’re rude, crying, laughing, or out of control — West Star Ranch has the perfect companion for you! There are a number of animals in need of a forever-home at the Ranch, but we have one in particular in mind.  He arrived in good shape, friendly, ready to be loved, and even though he may drool a bit, he will always be by your side through thick and thin!

This gorgeous guy was found near the Stratosphere in Las Vegas. Caring individuals that are ready to help strays and the lost get back to their owners, including our volunteer Fernando Costa, cared for him while they looked for a possible owner.  Unfortunately no one could be found and rather than have him roam the streets of Law Vegas in the desert heat, they turned him over to West Star yesterday.

This guy is a beautiful mixed breed, sporting a red coat with white markings on his chest.  Once he is neutered and ready to go, he will be available for adoption. A lucky family will be very happy with this friendly guy when they introduce him to his new forever-home with them.

How can you not fall in love with this face?

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If you love to walk, hike, or bike, we are sure this guy would love to go with you.  Come in and meet him!

4 thoughts on “Need a friend that will never let you down?

  1. Hi Serena:

    We think he’s a mix of labrador, some pit, and some setter (he’s very red). We haven’t had him checked out by a vet yet, so we’re not sure how old he is, but I’d guess somewhere around 2. He’s very sweet, but not neutered, so he hasn’t been put with any other dogs yet. I wish we had more to tell you, but when a dog is found, it’s hard to put the story together.

    You can address any other questions you have to me at, and you’re welcome to come visit him any time the Ranch is open (Wed.-Sunday, 10-3). Take care!


    1. He looks like my dogs brother. She’s a boxer/rot mix. My friend actually had him(Marley is what they named him) and said he ran away and never came back. I wonder.. Hmmm

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