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My Forever-Home, West Star Ranch

My name?  Noah!  I went to live at West Star Ranch!  I did wait for someone to see me and want to take me home with them but as time passes, many of us realize that we have it pretty good where we are.  I did!

I lived my whole life at the Ranch until it was time to move on and romp and play in the beyond with others who have gone before me.  James, (resident volunteer), had this to say about me: “Noah was never adopted and lived his whole life at the Ranch.  Noah was always happy to see people, loved his treats and interacted with visitors, unlike a couple of our other “lifers” who were so badly abused that they have never been able to acclimate to people.”

West Star Ranch provides a sanctuary for all animals, not just the nice ones! (And a few humans too)! We don’t have to face being disposed of just because someone doesn’t think we are cute or cuddly.

I’m proud to have licked James’ and Terry’s face and everyone else that got close and stayed long enough.  And very happy to have had a forever-home.  Thank you West Star Ranch.

Yes, this is me!  Remember my name and remember that you can find a great friend at West Star Ranch — you’ll love the staff and volunteers too!!!

Noah, one happy dog that was loved at West Star Ranch!
Noah, one happy dog that was loved at West Star Ranch!

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