Saturday, January 20, 2018
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West Star Expansion GoFundMe Link

West Star Ranch Animal Rescue is growing! We are excited to announce that we were able to purchase a new thrift store building from the former owner of Symphony Animal Rescue, which has closed. West Star is now one of the few animal rescues remaining in Pahrump, and the only no-kill facility.

Our thrift store generates most of the funds to support and care for our dogs, cats and peacocks. The existing store is about 40 years old, and is falling apart. We need to keep the store thriving in order to support additional animals requiring care, shelter and love! The next several months will be devoted to preparing the Ranch for removal of the old thrift store and installation of the new building, which will be almost twice as big!

We have created this page hoping to raise money for the expansion, which will be expensive. We will need the additional funds within the next 60 to 90 days in order to arrange for moving the building from its current location to the Ranch — then put it back together, and finish the electricity, plumbing, and build-out (including installation of a bathroom). Besides monetary contributions, we’re looking for all types of volunteers, including electricians, plumbers, and those experienced in construction, to help install the new building. We’ll keep you posted about our progress, and thanks for supporting the Ranch at this exciting time!!!

To donate, click on the gofundme graphic in this post, or at the bottom (footer area) of this website on the graphic labeled ‘DONATE TO WEST STAR RANCH STORE EXPANSION FUND’. We thank you for your support!

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