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Terry Dougherty

A 30 year resident of Pahrump, Terry has been at the helm of West Star since his mom, Elsie, passed away.  He is a devoted animal lover and head “ranch hand,” able to run a tractor, build a fence, and repair practically anything.  He loves to create metal sculptures in his spare time.  You can see his gallery of artwork under the tab “Terry’s Creations.”  He is truly the heart and soul of West Star Ranch.


Secretary/Treasure Kim Simon

Kim Simon

Kim started as a volunteer for the Ranch 5 years ago.  She’s worked the business/administrative side of the Ranch, and heads up West Star’s promotion and fundraising efforts. Her family and co-workers at Reynolds & Associates have also become very supportive of West Star, so it is definitely a family affair and labor of love.


Heidi Wells

Heidi Wells

We all have someone in our life who brings to mind the question — “What would we do without her?” For the folks at West Star, Heidi is that person. She has boundless energy, enthusiasm, and optimism, and her presence at the Ranch is nothing short of a blessing. Heidi cares for the dogs (with her little dogs, Dillen, Rocky and Nugmeg at her heels), runs the Thrift Store, mentors our volunteers, and is loved by everyone. The Ranch just wouldn’t be the same without her.