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Volunteers & VIPs at West Star Ranch

Caroline Lind

Carolyn Lind

Carolyn has been volunteering at the Ranch since Elsie started the sanctuary in 1996.  She loves cats and has enjoyed working in the Thrift Store up until recently when she decided it was about time to retire.  She still helps out with paperwork, thank you notes and mailing newsletters.  She is a person dedicated to the animals, and we’re very grateful for all she’s done for the Ranch.

Mary Massey

Mary was getting ready to retire when she wandered into our Thrift Store.   She decided that working for the Ranch a couple of days a week would be a good way to fill her time after she quit working, and she has become one of our most valuable volunteers.  She has a great feel for displaying and organizing merchandise.  You can always tell where she’s been because it’s clean, bright, cheerful and appealing.  We love having Mary in our West Star family!

Erin Briskey
Erin Briskey

Erin loves working with the animals!  She’s a dedicated volunteer who also participates in the Special Olympics.  She played an important role in the Special Olympics fundraising car-wash held recently at Car Studio, and we’re very, very proud of her.

Alanna and Arrianna

Don, Arrianna and Alanna

This wonderful family of grandfather and twin granddaughters has been an amazing and inspiring addition to our West Star family.  The girls love caring for the dogs, — walking them, cleaning their pens, and giving them love and attention that they absolutely adore!  Don, who owns his own landscaping company, has been an absolute lifesaver when we lost a couple of big trees in recent storms.  He almost single-handedly cut the huge trees down AND hauled them to the dump.  His granddaughters were right there beside him, doing the dirty work without so much as an eye-roll.  What a wonderful family.  We are thankful for them every day.

Linda Geenen

Linda Geenen

This wonderful, talented and caring woman pulled up to the Ranch looking for a dog for her son, Dan. That was the start of a productive and fulfilling friendship/partnership with the Ranch.  Linda has taken the responsibility of curating the Ranch website, dragging us into the 21st Century technology that is a must in these days of social media.  She’s been patient and understanding and has worked wonders with the website and our ability to communicate through it to get the word out about West Star.  Just goes to show, true friends show when you need them.  We love you, Linda!

Catmom and Kim!

Our VIPs are very special to us.  Without them, the needed money for vet care and other monthly costs could not be met.  One of our strongest supporters is Catmom who donates thru her Peaceful Paws Charity Fund! *Applause, foot stomping, hand clapping, whistles* Pictured her with Kim, Catmom is an active supporter of West Star Ranch.  She also orders through the West Star Ranch Amazon.com link to help send credit to the Ranch.

Dedicated Thursday Volunteers

Debbie, Scot, Betsy, Crystal and Jesse

This dedicated group of “Thursday” volunteers have done wonders for the Ranch through their contributions of their time, ideas, and enthusiasm.  They are long time residents of Pahrump and came at a time when Terry was recovering from a pit bull attack, offering their friendship and help.   It was nothing short of a lifesaver for the Ranch.   We’ve so enjoy having all of these wonderful people as key volunteers!