Saturday, January 20, 2018
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Jake and Roxy have found a home

Roxy was our featured dog of the month in December and now we are happy to announce she has found a home.  Congratulations to both Roxy and her new support team, may you find many happy hours together in the coming years.

Jake came to us with two other dogs that had been a family until their owner found out he didn’t have much longer to live.  All three of them were kept together, but first to leave the group was an apricot poodle that was snapped up right away.  They said their goodbyes and became a two-dog team.

James and Jake
James and Jake

Jake was excited when a couple of retireds came to look him over on Saturday. Jake got to sit with James Landram, (the ranch’s wonderful helping hand – a vet that came all the way from Kentucky to help out), and pose for a picture.  Jake was happily licking James’ face but the photographer kept missing the shot so this will have to do.

That particular couple didn’t take Jake home but someone else did.  All’s well that ends well and that is the story of two happy dogs that now have a place to call their own.

It is Valentine’s Day.  Share your Happy Heart’s Day with a four-pawed friend.  They never break your heart or ignore you or have a comment to make about your hair or the mess you left on the kitchen counter or the dirty clothes on the floor.  Right?  And they always have time for you…you can’t beat that deal!